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Railroad crossing: sign for Hassan Diab

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Readers may be familiar with the sorry saga of fellow-citizen Hassan Diab, facing extradition to France on the basis of a rigged case by a crusading French magistrate.

Under Canadian law, the cards are stacked against him: and the extradition judge, Robert Maranger, has stacked them further, reversing several years of legal precedent. Maranger has allowed no leeway whatsoever to the defence to dismantle the flimsy, contradictory and frankly fraudulent French extradition request. Read more here.

The case essentially turns on handwriting analysis by a French amateur with a few hours of training taken over the past several years. Three world handwriting authorities testified that the analysis is worthless, and the judge essentially agreed—but, with a judicial shrug, ruled that it doesn’t matter.

In early June, Maranger’s judgement will be handed down. Given the signals that he has been sending, things do not look good for Diab. If France wants to pluck one of our citizens from our country (something that it doesn’t permit for its own citizens), the coast is pretty well clear. Diab would then be subject to the kangaroo judicial system they have over there—the defence, for example, is not permitted to call expert witnesses.

Canadians must speak out against this grotesque travesty of justice. Sign the petition to extend his bail during the inevitable appeal proceedings, and take a stand. We may or may not be able to shut down the railroad—but at least we can slow the train.

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