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To serve and protect: OPP clears Ottawa police in Bonds case

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Gosh, I’m shocked, I tell you. The Ontario Provincial Police have cleared all of the cops and special constables involved in the brutalization of Stacy Bonds. They’ve served and protected every last one of them.

Who’s a’ thunk it?

What the OPP are saying is perfectly OK may be seen here:

What do you believe—cops covering for other cops with bogus “investigations” that go nowhere, or your own lying eyes?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Steve Desjourdy, the big tough man who cut off Bonds’ shirt and bra with a pair of scissors before she was tossed into a cell and left there half-naked, will walk as well.

Desjourdy, who seems to have a bit of a problem with women, is now the only one facing charges, thanks to the usually flabby Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU). That the SIU actually laid a charge against a police officer is almost unprecedented.

But Desjourdy was charged with sexual assault, which I have always thought was a bit odd—that charge is much harder to prove than assault and battery, the latter evident to anyone who has seen the video of the entire cellblock incident. Could this have been deliberate?

Bonds, meanwhile, is suing the Ottawa police for $1.2 million. Too bad it isn’t for ten times that. A successful, budget-draining lawsuit might be the only message the “serve and protect” crowd are capable of understanding.

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