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Harper's fake 2008 "apology" to Aboriginals

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worthless. Self-serving rubbish.

Ask Sisters in Spirit, who first brought the disappearance of hundreds of Aboriginal women to national attention. Harper’s response? Scuttle them.

Meanwhile, his Department of Justice lawyers have been fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Native kids get fewer social service dollars than non-Native chidren. They found a willing accomplice in Shirish Chotalia, Harper’s appointee to head up the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

In the past week alone, his government has wiped out a programme to help Aboriginal youth, and is now reported to be poised to rip off First Nations on land claims to the tune of billions.

The Conservative war against Canada’s First Nations continues. And with this latest move, Harper’s “apology” is coming to resemble, more and more, that famous empty promise that the US government once made to Native people: that their rights to their land would remain “as long as the grass is green and the water runs.”

[H/t KarynPugliese on Twitter]

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