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DSK: chapitre trois

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Will wonders ever cease?

And will men (and women) who enjoy the windfall benefits created by alleged sexual predators such as DSK ever be honest enough to admit their vicarious advantage?

Only when it’s under pretext of braying that DSK is everyman, a brave innocent caught in a nefarious web of international intrigue, it would seem.

As I wrote here, the current NYC charges laid against DSK allowed a number of his victims to step forward, intent upon setting the record straight, clarifying what distinguishes a ‘womanizer’ from a rapist.

Only one has displayed the courage to initiate legal proceedings against DSK for his attempt to violate her.

And right on cue, DSK through his lawyers, continues to demonstrate his allegiance to a régime that justifies le droit de cuissage and condemns women to the role of complicit wives or silenced victims.

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