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Ottawa police brutality: the case of the missing DVD

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How conveeeenient. Despite vigorous opposition from the Crown and the Ottawa Police, the Ottawa Citizen wins a court ruling—a judge orders the release of a video of yet more brutality in the cellblocks.

But the DVD is missing.

The Crown and the police have copies, but don’t want to part with them. They are apparently considering an appeal of the ruling as well.

What are they trying to hide?

The victim, Roxanne Carr, alleges that she was assaulted in the cells. She says that her arm was broken by one of those “special constables,” and that she was then stripped by two male police officers, including the infamous Sgt. Steve Desjourdy.

Desjourdy’s name does keep coming up. A young aboriginal woman found herself in his clutches back in 2008. He kicked her in the back and then Tasered her.

He was given a three-month demotion for that escapade, after apparently showing “remorse.” A week later, he was back at it with Stacy Bonds.

Three women. Is there a pattern here?

It would appear that the charming special constable Melanie Morris was also involved somehow in the Carr assault, as she has been named in a lawsuit.

Carr was never charged with anything other than assaulting the police (of course). The reasons for her arrest in the first place seem to have been utterly bogus. But she made twenty-five—count ‘em—twenty-five appearances in court before the video surfaced and the Crown withdrew the charges.

Twenty-five appearances. Our tax dollars at work.

The DVD of her treatment at the hands of Ottawa’s finest should be released. It’s in the public interest. A judge says so.

But now it’s missing. Someone should call the cops.

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