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Palestinian self-determination opposed by Canada

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Canada—that is, the Harper government, not the decent majority—is pressing for on-going bantustan status for Palestine.

Statehood, sought by the Palestinian authority, will be opposed in the United Nations by Israel, Canada and the US. Should there ever be a Palestinian state—unlikely, given the Israeli government’s preference for slow annexation, and the subjugation of the local population—it will have to be “nonmilitarized,” according to a spokesman for Foreign Affairs minister John Baird. (Somehow one knows that this does not refer to the Israeli Defence Forces, which would no doubt continue to have the run of the place.) Bibi Netanyahu, for his part, just wants to keep Palestine in a box forever.

As for the pre-1967 borders being a starting point for any future negotiations, fuhgeddaboutit. Barack Obama may support this proposition; and a former Premier of Israel; and the current President of Israel for good measure.

So what? Self-determination for the current Palestinian colony isn’t—can’t be—in the cards. After all, where would all those settlers go?

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