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Premeditated merger

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Quite the Twittering last evening about a proposed merger between the NDP (otherwise known as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition) and a rump called the Liberal Party of Canada.

It’s in the press today, too. Some Liberals, notably Denis Coderre and maybe Justin Trudeau, seem rather partial to the idea.

So far, no one has contacted the NDP.

Imagine Andorra seeking a merger with Spain, on Andorra’s terms, and you’ll get the picture here.

Citizen columnist Dan Gardner was talking Anschluss last night, but no one seemed to get it. Who would be Germany? he wondered.

Bad analogy, although all this loose talk of merger (when the Liberals clearly mean acquisition) could be taken as hostile. I like mine better.

I’m all for merger, of course: let Liberals quit their moribund post-party formation and join the NDP. Until then, let the mouse roar.

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