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Where, oh where, is Patrick Ross?

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Readers might remember that some time ago blogger Canadian Cynic, who had been grossly libelled by perennial fratboi Patrick Ross, obtained a whopping default judgement against the aforesaid Patrick Ross, owner of the aptly-named blog The Nexus of Assholery.

$85,000 worth of whopping.

Oddly, this didn’t seem to faze Patrick Ross one whit. He blar-har-har’d his way through an extraordinary post this past April, one that really has to be read to be believed. At the end, to no one’s surprise, he put out the obligatory PayPal begging bowl, joining the illustrious ranks of Ezra Levant and Kathy Shaidle.*

The Internet disclaimer IANAL doesn’t seem to apply to Patrick Ross, who blathers on in that post about “malicious prosecution,” and who once threatened both CC and myself with defamation actions. In his confused state, he seemed unable on that occasion to distinguish between complainant and respondent, appearing to be threatening to sue himself.

In any case, after somewhat of a song and dance trying to track him down, and that’s putting it mildly, Patrick Ross finally provided CC’s Alberta lawyer with an address for service, and it looked as though things were on track for a resolution of the matter. Ross was duly served with the judgement, and a form that legally required Patrick Ross to list his assets, called a Financial Statement of Debtor.

Alas, Patrick Ross was not heard from again. No documents were received from him, despite a two-week deadline. His defamatory posts remain up at his blog. And notice of a pending civil contempt action, which if successful could see him jailed for up to two years, could not be served upon him as is legally required.

He is no longer at his last-known address.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Patrick Ross may still be in the vicinity of Edmonton, or in the bosom of his family in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. In any case, he blithely continues Twittering and Facebooking from his undisclosed location, as well as publishing occasional poorly-written articles at the right-wing Propagandist website.

So let’s get that legendary crowdsourcing thing going. This has gone on long enough, and it’s high time for closure.

Send any and all information to CC, at: canadiancynic(at)yahoo(dot)ca. And why not drop Patrick Ross a line, offering him your concerned best wishes, and suggesting he surface and get this thing dealt with before matters get any worse? The amount of the judgement, for example, has accruing interest of 2% per annum attached, and there are all the additional legal costs incurred by CC that will eventually be extracted from him as well.

On your marks, get set…

* Note to readers: for some reason this link is no longer functional.

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