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You, sir, are no Jack Layton.

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“Why does God take a good guy and leave us with the likes of …” a good friend uttered, only slightly embarassed by the anger betrayed by his observation.

Indeed. As I pondered what difficult and hard lessons the Canadian electorate will face in the absence of the departed Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, I considered how much damage and wickedness the ReformaTories must wreak upon our country before people are roused from their apathy.

Is Jack Layton’s death, and the unabashedly malevolent columns, tweets and slurs slung by those compelled to pooh-pooh the groundswell response of grief, a watershed moment?

Sadly, I think not.

And unfortunately, Gilles Duceppe will not be participating in the next federal election leader’s debate. It would be magnificent to hear him say to Stephen Harper: “You, sir, are no Jack Layton.”

The illustration was found at the Toronto Star.

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