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Real Change

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I am always interested in people who change their views, especially in regard to climate change. I know that you can find people who claim they “believed” in climate change but then changed their minds - although the reasons always seem weak. There are also people who didn’t believe so much but then read the reports and data and ended up thinking “hey there is more to this than I thought”. I am very familiar with that group since I used to be one.

However this year there were two people who changed their minds that I think should be highlighted. The first is D. R. Tucker who runs a blog called The Urban Right (which claims to be devoted to completing Jack Kemp’s unfinished work). A Republican, but not one of the new generation of Republicans who seem to have taken over the party (and you can take that to mean whatever you want). How and why he changed his mind was given in an article he wrote for the FrumForum.

The second person is Rear Admiral David Titley who is the oceanographer for the US Navy. He was recently tasked with looking at the issue of climate change and the effects that it would have on the navy. His talk is worth listening to. You can call the navy many things but “warmist watermelons” is not one of the first to spring to mind, so if they are concerned, shouldn’t that send a message?

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