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A curious silence

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I borrowed my title from a blogpost by the potty-mouthed “Sassy” of “Sassy Wire.”

Apparently Michael Coren, who continues his meteoric career in journalism by landing a spot with SunTV, interviewed Canadian Jewish Defence League honcho Meir Weinstein a few weeks ago. Weinstein claims that he and his organization have been under investigation by the RCMP, which frankly doesn’t surprise me one bit, but the only report of this so far has been on Coren’s show.

Sassy demanded to know why I and others who have been critical of Weinstein and his antics for some time had not mentioned this story. I’m not sure what she was suggesting, but obviously something a little suspect on our parts, although I can’t imagine what it might be.

The truth is far simpler, of course: we don’t watch SunTV.

My friend Andy Lehrer, also named in the challenge, made the mistake of engaging with Sassy, always a waste of time on blogs like hers. I came to the party late—stumbled upon it, actually—and merely asked if there were any other sources to which Sassy could direct me, promising that I’d be all over it if there were.

Excrement, meet spinning blades.

Our old freedom-loving pal Fenris Badwulf, who comments here at Dawg’s on occasion, showed up to suggest, none too subtly, that all of our posts be expunged. Another commenter (I know who it is, but later for him) cautioned Sassy not to converse with us, stating mysteriously that he had sent his reasons to her in an email.

My post promptly disappeared, as did several from Andy. I sent another one, but it’s stuck, it seems permanently, in moderation.

A “curious silence” has indeed descended, making me think of lambs for some reason.

Meanwhile, anyone have anything on this Weinstein investigation? I’d really like to get cracking on it.

NOTE: The original version of this post wrongly attributed the identity of Sassy Wire. It has been amended accordingly.

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