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American "pro-life" legislators: keep the fetus, throw away the mother

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Anyone who continues to imagine that the USA is a civilized country isn’t paying attention. Yesterday the House of Representatives, by a wide margin, voted to condemn pregnant women to death.

Besides excluding abortion from medicare coverage (assuming the US ever gets it) HR 358 will allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion for women even to save their lives. The sheer evil of this measure is plain to anyone who regards women as other than disposable baby-making machines.

We are assured that the bill won’t pass the Senate; and, if it does, that it will be vetoed by Barack Obama. It would be nice to cling to these hopes, although a massive campaign is obviously going to be necessary. But, in the meantime, would someone please remind the gender-fascists running the House that The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t an instruction manual?

[H/t Fern Hill]

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