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Stop Hateoween, Conservatives say

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(Ottawa, October 27) DawgNews has learned that a group of Conservative Party members are protesting the use of “hateful political costumes” on Hallowe’en.

“Bad enough we have to call the thing ‘Black and Orange Day’ now,” groused Morris Leeson, an Alberta Conservative activist. “But dressing up children as Conservatives really has me riled, especially when it’s Liberals doing it.”

Following hard on the heels of a widely-reported campaign against racist costumes, this new initiative, some fear, may spell the end of the beloved Fall celebration.

“Why shouldn’t we dress our kids as modern-day goblins and trolls?” asks Letty Seed, a community organizer in Delisle, Saskatchewan. But school boards across the country are already responding, banning costumes that “appear to mock present-day political figures.”

“Political correctness gone mad,” says Ms. Mew, a prominent progressive blogger. “I see this as a compliment to people of other politics. Why they should be offended by kids in pinstripes is a complete mystery to me.”

But Conservatives are far from convinced.

“There’s a cultural shift that seems to think it’s OK and funny to wear blue sweaters with fake plastic kittens and other politically-offensive Halloween costumes, but it’s not OK and funny,” says Alykhan Bolshi, a tarsands and asbestos lobbyist.

Some parents are simply giving up. “We no longer know what’s acceptable,” says Chahna Gitanjali, a homemaker in Rosedale, Toronto.

“We can’t dress them up as witches—might offend Wiccans. Can’t put a sari on my own kids—cultural appropriation, and in the case of my son, transphobic. All we had left was politicians, and now that’s bad too? I’ll just put more candy in their stockings this Christmas.”

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