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The moral necessity of resistance

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The corporate media are at last taking notice of the swelling #OccupyWallStreet protests: 700 arrests by New York’s Finest, engaged in their age-old violent defence of capital, cannot be ignored.

And doubtful progressives are now having second thoughts.

Countless citizen journalists have filled the usual void, rightly taking credit for exposing casual police brutality on the streets of New York. One senior cop, Anthony Bologna, is now facing several investigations for his actions, once again thanks to street reporters, not the corporate media:

The investigations were announced after bloggers and activists drew attention to video posted online which showed that Bologna fired pepper spray on two occasions last Saturday as officers broke up a protest march through Greenwich Village.

Here is what the thugs in blue have been up to, made news- and comment-worthy by anonymous citizen reporters and YouTube. The whole world is watching.

How many New York cops does it take to arrest a child?

Mockery at this point remains our most potent weapon. Officer Bubbles, meet Tony Baloney.

Let no one be misled by the seeming incoherence of the protest. When you look more closely, it’s very coherent indeed: a constellation of progressive values, borne by a growing number of people who get it, confronted by the raw brutality of capital.

Resistance is never futile. It’s a civic duty.

Veteran journalist Chris Hedges has penned a thoughtful and depressing piece about protest, its importance, and what he believes to be a crisis point in history where a deeper form of protest is required.

Grab a coffee, although a stiff drink might be better, and read the whole thing. The longer view, the bigger picture. Thoughtful critiques are welcome. What is to be done?

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