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Another tidal wave of e-mails

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I suspect that we will see another tidal wave over the next few days since the person who stole the e-mails from the CRU has now released another batch of e-mails. This time just before the climate conference at Durban: you can speculate as to the timing of the release for yourself.

From what I have read, none of the e-mails has a date past 2009 so I suspect that it is just a further weeding of the e-mails that were released in November 2009. The batch that was released in 2009 was based on a couple of search terms. This batch appears to have been sorted through in a more thorough matter to release e-mails that can be used for PR gain.

What the e-mails show is that some scientists may not like other scientists (in my job I work with a large number of scientists and there are some I don’t like either). They argue among themselves a great deal (which in my opinion is a good thing). There are uncertainties in their work (which everyone knew).

What I have not seen in the e-mails is the full context of any discussion (which renders the discussions mostly speculation). And most importantly something - anything that actually casts doubt on the science of global warming.

It also appears that there are several hundred thousand more e-mails still being held to be released at another time. My guess, there will still be nothing that raises doubt on the science. Any tidbits from the e-mails - good and bad - are welcome in the comments where we can discuss them.

UPDATE: The MSM gets into the act, reporting on it.

UPPERDATE: RealClimate is fielding questions and once again Gavin is answering supposition with facts.

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