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Jason Kenney and the dusky of hue

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Once again, Jason Kenney displays one of his least endearing characteristics.

Kenney has a problem with teh brownskins, and there is no length, it seems, to which he will not go to indulge himself in that respect. From gratuitously wagging a finger in their general direction when they seek to immigrate (no barbarism here, you) to deliberately and consciously flouting the law of the land to keep ‘em in jail, to veiled threats against supporters of the wrongfully-exiled and still victimized Canadian, Abousfian Abdelrazik, to keeping Roma refugees out of Canada, there’s an unmistakeable pattern here. He doesn’t take kindly to uppity Arab-Canadians either.

Now he’s backing his bureaucrats who have likely condemned an Afghan translator to death by refusing him a visa to Canada. Where are the Usual Suspects on this? The chickenhawks urging no end to our Afghanistan mission? Wrong-headed as I consider that mission to be, it’s still supposed to be all about human rights and Western-style democracy, isn’t it?

But heaven forbid we let any of those we’re busy liberating come here, even when they’ve stuck their necks out a mile for our troops and their lives are in danger for so doing. We’re happy to bring law to the lesser breeds without it—so long as they stay right where they are.

Perhaps, however, none of this is surprising from the fellow who keeps a photo of a Nazi collaborator on his desk—“Saint” Aloysius Stepinac, who once averred that “Hitler is an envoy of God.” Talk about “barbaric cultural practices.” But it all depends on the “culture,” I guess.

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