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More Speech Warriors™ unmasked

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The far-right Free Dominion bunch has led the charge against human rights commissions, claiming that they represent a profound threat to freedom of speech. The FD crew has gone to the wall for noisome specimens like Marc Lemire (former leader of the Heritage Front) and drooling homophobe Bill Whatcott. All ostensibly in the name of free expression.

But here’s what they really think, when the chips are down:

My own view of left-wing protesters is quite aggressive: Bring riot police in on the second day with shields and batons. On the third day, use rubber bullets. Day five: live fire. Mow them down like the rabble scum they are. Day six: Peace, calm, and the sanitation department cleans up. Case Closed. [emphasis added]

In support:

Your perspectives on this are logical…a good way to treat those infected with the deadly cancer of lieberalism thta has been spread by msm whores, disorganized religion, follywood, and academia…


…the business owners can hire unsmiling Bouncers with baseball bats; during the Great Blackout every gas station had these and order was kept). (5) When the group is pared down to only the homeless, squatters and people there solely to cause trouble, announce that everyone still there when Zero Hour arrives will be arrested and every bit of Stuff still on site will be burned; then send in the Brute Squad and swoop them up (allow them to run away if they choose to) and leavel the camp. Take everything you collect in the campground to a safe location, douse it with flammable liquid and set it on fire.


From what I’ve read on these pages he shares the views of many here including me.


The truth is not palatable for many but Eds does indeed embrace and spread it. I support his views.

And [from the original commenter]:

I am very hawkish about leftist riff-raff and scum, as are many on this board. If you think my views are extreme, then you haven’t heard a lot of us discuss these things in private.

Bottom line - I have zero, none, nada, zip, zilch tolerance or patience for leftist scum, none. They are a blight on society, and should be suppressed vigorously. I’m sorry if that attitude is too fascist for you, but there you have it.

And [from the same nutbar]:

Mow ‘em down? Damn yes! Pour encourager les autres.

Really, does this require much additional commentary? I haven’t seen a better example of group self-destruction since the Jim Jones days.

Keep pouring the fascist Koolaid, Speech Warriors™. That stuff never seems to run out.

[Credit where credit’s due.]

ADDENDUM: More stirring Free Dominion defence of free expression against the oppression of the State. [H/t John Smith, b/c]

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