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Political opportunism in Vancouver

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Gregor Robertson, the mayor of Vancouver, has found just the excuse he needs to put down the #Occupy movement in his town with violence.

It’s a election year.

The unfortunate death of a tent city resident, apparently from a drug overdose, is enough to bring in the riot squads. The CBC sounds the camp’s death knell—perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Tweeter Paul Vermeersch sums up Robertson’s naked hypocrisy admirably: “Suddenly, the mayor [of] Vancouver seems to care about an OD death. What took him so long?”


The fact is that for many if not most of the 99%, no place is “safe.” But certainly for those in the bottom 10%, the #Occupy camp has been relatively safer than, for example, Vancouver’s downtown Eastside. Or Robert Pickton’s farm, back in the day.

That won’t stop the servants of the 1% from breaking heads, though. In the name of “safety,” of course.

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