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The elusive Patrick Ross

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As regular readers know, inept Con writer Patrick Ross, owner of a self-descriptive blogsite, has been eluding justice for a while, in the form of an $85,000 defamation judgement (plus accruing interest).

One of the elements of the judgement against him was that he was ordered to remove any and all references to former blogger Canadian Cynic, about whom Ross had displayed an almost monomaniacal obsession.

Said the learned judge, “I order the defendant to forthwith remove all blog postings on the blog ‘Nexus of Assholery’ that in any way mention or relate to the plaintiff. ‘Forthwith’ means within fifteen days of today’s date.”

The date? November 23, 2010.

Ross, of course, did nothing about this at all, and the posts, many of them frankly defamatory, remained up. So Canadian Cynic took action.

Armed with the court order, his lawyer in Alberta put a little friendly pressure on Google. And one by one by one, the posts began to disappear.

There were, it must be said, scads of them. But over time, they have been wiped out. I suspect that Patrick has been blissfully unaware of this, but if he will but look at his feet, he will see a giant abyss where once a bedrock of obsessive posts had been deposited.

That’s a good start, but more remains to be done. Needless to say, if anyone knows of Ross’ present whereabouts, just drop me a line and I shall ensure that CC is informed. A little bird tells me there’s a reward involved.

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