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The Tory Centipede

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The allusion will be familiar to cinephiles: the rest of you will have to look it up.

I thought I’d track a sample Conservative talking-point through the shared digestive system of a few Con bloggers and commentators: the notion of a “state broadcaster,” referring to the CBC. (Funny that when it refuses to play that role, it’s attacked for that as well. But I digress.)

Centipedes moult: and every time they do, another pair of legs springs free.

Here is the head of the Tory Centipede, mandibles incessantly chewing, while insisting that his fodder was dropped, ripe and steaming, by others—most notably Kory Teneycke.

And here’s the bolus traversing some posterior segments:



Readers are invited to contribute other morsels that have been passed, as it were, from Con to Con along their shared alimentary canal.

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