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More Attawapiskat facts

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…to counter Conservative spin and popular ignorance. Some useful Saturday reading.

Briefly, successive governments put the Attawapiskat people where they are, invented rules, regulations and prohibitions to keep them there, and are now blaming them for being snared in the trap we built.

The Conservative government is sending in an army of accountants instead of blankets and Bibles, but it’s the same Great White Father approach as of yore. For those who might not have read it, this exposé by blogger âpihtawikosisân explodes the racist stereotype of “Native mismanagement” that the Harper government is presently pushing.

The dreadful saga continues. Harper’s knee-jerk deflective moves, trading on popular prejudice, need a firm, factual response. Pass it on.

UPDATE: “I guess this is the Native people’s Katrina moment.” The Harper government’s lies, corporate media complicity, and the grim reality.

[H/t commenter Troy Thomas]

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