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Pinheirinho II: capital vs. the people

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“A toast to real estate speculation.” Carlos Latuff proves once again that a picture is worth a thousand words. Up to 9,000 people are made homeless, not by natural disaster but by the mailed fist of the marketplace. Here’s a video, courtesy of reader Rg_santos (a knowledge of Portuguese would be helpful):

In a country that dares to call itself civilized, two thousand class traitors drove men, women and children from their houses at the point of a gun, acting on behalf of a bankrupt landowner whose land had lain vacant and unused for three decades. The land appears to have appreciated in value, and the speculators were eager to pounce. Injuries, reported loss of life, and frightened families in makeshift shelters were the result.

Attempts by the federal government to negotiate an acceptable compromise were ignored. A judge, a mayor, a state governor and their thugs destroyed a community on behalf of capital. That’s how it works, folks.

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