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Toronto police brutality updates

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Sean Salvati. I posted about this outrageous case last July.

Salvati is now suing the Toronto police, and obviously I hope he wins. The system consistently refuses to deal with uniformed thuggery: perhaps punishing police forces with successful lawsuits is the only civil course of action left—unless someone is actually killed (see below).

Readers should pay particular attention to the timeline at the bottom of today’s article in the Toronto Star. It gives “police obstruction” a whole new meaning.

Junior Alexander Manon. My first post on this affair was in May 2010. Now, nearly two years afterwards, a coroner’s inquest opens today into this frankly suspicious death of a Black teenager at the hands of Toronto’s Finest.

Needless to say, the Special Investigations Unit pussycats exonerated the police at the time, despite eyewitnesses to the attack. Allegedly he died of “positional asphyxia,” which may indeed be the proximate cause of his death, but what brought it on?

The family’s lawyer, Selwyn Pieters, viewed the body at the morgue with Manon’s family and said afterward: “There was blood all over. He had a neck brace on. His eyes were black and blue … It seems that he died from physical force. He was a healthy young person.”

At least seven police officers were involved. Perhaps we can have their names at this point. Or do we need to sic Rosie diManno on them?

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