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Rules of American justice

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If anyone has still not realized the oxymoron that American justice became after 9/ll, this article by Glenn Greenwald is essential reading.

The Rules of American Justice are quite clear:

(1) If you are a high-ranking government official who commits war crimes, you will receive full-scale immunity, both civil and criminal, and will have the American President demand that all citizens Look Forward, Not Backward.

(2) If you are a low-ranking member of the military, you will receive relatively trivial punishments in order to protect higher-ranking officials and cast the appearance of accountability.

(3) If you are a victim of American war crimes, you are a non-person with no legal rights or even any entitlement to see the inside of a courtroom.

(4) If you talk publicly about any of these war crimes, you have committed the Gravest Crime — you are guilty of espionage - and will have the full weight of the American criminal justice system come crashing down upon you.

Read it all, and follow the links.

The story of Jose Padilla, a US citizen tortured non-stop for years in an American prison to the point that he suffered likely permanent mental incapacity, is one with which we should all become familiar. It can happen here.

In fact, it already has.

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