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CBC scrapes bottom

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It’s getting harder and harder for me to defend the CBC against unofficial state broadcaster SunTV when it continues, fatuously, stupidly, to curry favour with its enemies.

What is it that far-right blogger Kate McMillan says? “Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends.” Giving vast whacks of our money to oafs like Don Cherry and Kevin O’Leary won’t save the CBC’s miserable neck. Nor will inviting supporters of Chilean dictator/torturer Augusto Pinochet and South African apartheid to judge book contests.

Canadian author Carmen Aguillera, according to Anne-France Goldwater, is a terrorist who should never have been allowed into Canada because she was in the anti-Pinochet resistance as a young girl. And Nelson Mandela was a terrorist as well, with “blood on his hands.”

Far-right imbecile MP Rob Anders must have been jolted awake by that.

But all the CBC’s current truckling to right-wing vulgarity and lunacy won’t put a dime back into its hemorrhaging annual budget, of course. And if its top brass isn’t smart enough to figure that out, then Mother Corp quite possibly deserves its imminent fate.

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