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Shorter Jason Kenney on Roma: "None is too many"

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Our intrepid Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants to stem the tsunami of “bogus refugees” applying for status in Canada. And he singles out “gypsies” in particular. (Why does the National Post insist on this racial slur?) Not surprising, perhaps, coming from a devotee of Nazi war criminal Alojsije “Hitler was an envoy of God” Stepinac.

To be sure, he doesn’t adopt the Toronto Sun’s genocidal “lock and load” approach. He’d rather kill the Roma by peaceful means.

So his line is now that countries like Hungary are “safe” for Roma. Here’s just how safe they are:

Once or twice a month, three-year-old Mate Csorba disappears from his family house on the edge of a Hungarian village. When his worried relatives find him wandering in the forest, he tells them he is searching for his father and his older brother, who are out hunting.

That is, after all, what his grandmother told him one morning a year ago, after a midnight blaze of firebombs and gunshots destroyed their house on the edge of a rural village, and black-clad gunmen chased the boy’s family through the woods and killed Mate’s father and five-year-old brother, both named Robert.

“Little Mate had been sleeping in my house when I heard three shots and a window smashing in their house next door,” his grandmother, Erzsebet, said as she surveyed the burned-out ruins. “I heard a car driving away fast, and then saw my daughter-in-law standing and screaming outside, with burns all over her, beside the body of little Robert. I couldn’t tell Mate the truth.”

There’s plenty of dry information to back up this anecdote. Their situation has also been compellingly dramatized. In Hungary, Roma are hunted like animals by fascist paramilitaries associated with Jobbik, Hungary’s third-largest political party. They are allowed to do as they will by the police. The government has ordered police, in fact, to step up the persecution of Roma lucky enough to get away.

And those who flee from this deadly slow-motion pogrom will find no refuge in Canada, by order of Jason Kenney. Somewhere the ghost of Alojsije Stepinac is nodding approval.

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