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OK, which side won the Battle of Britain again?

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David Cameron’s Conservative government adopts a less-than-novel approach to the country’s “useless eaters”.

The policy could mean that those on employment and support allowance who have been placed in the work-related activity group (Wrag) could be compelled to undertake work experience for charities, public bodies and high-street retailers. The Wrag group includes those who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer but have more than six months to live; accident and stroke victims; and some of those with mental health issues. [emphasis added]

In official notes from a meeting on 1 December last year, [the Department for Work and Pensions] advisers revealed they were not intending to put a time limit on the work experience placements.

When asked at the meeting if there was a maximum duration to the placements, the reply was: “There are no plans to introduce a maximum time limit.”

Good grief. Will somebody please throw a rock through the Overton Window?

[H/t reader Gloatessa]

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