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Sen. Boisvenu's modest proposal

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And so the first trial balloon on the restoration of capital punishment is sent aloft, to jostle with the anti-abortion blimps.

As it turns out, there’s nothing new under the sun. The Harper Senator is in good, aristocratic company: same warped world-view, same stunned politics. (Jonathan Guinness was the scion of Nazi bonne vivante and heiress Diana Mitford. The nut never falls far from the tree.)

After considerable outrage and ridicule, Guinness tried to retract his earlier comments about providing razor blades to incarcerated murderers; he claimed that he meant they should have ample opportunity to shave. His tongue must have fair pierced his cheek at that point.

Perhaps Boisvenu will need to walk his own comments back: I look forward to his suggestion that he meant inmates could improve themselves by learning to tie sailors’ knots.

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