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Lord Black of Crossharbour pens a florid and overwrought piece in the National Post today, settling scores and threatening lawsuits in his time-honoured modus operandi.

He’s upset that some of us think he should be stripped of his Order of Canada, as lesser beings like Steve Fonyo and David Ahenakew were when convicted of crimes.

He is, after all, Lord Black of Crossharbour.

To hear Black tell it, every single charge against him was either abandoned or dismissed. He’s an innocent man. But somehow, in spite of his impressive victories over the US justice system, he’s still doing time.

The facts he omits? On June 24, 2011, after the US Supreme Court had a go at one of the laws under which he was convicted, Black was re-sentenced on one count of mail fraud and one of obstruction of justice, was fined US$125,000, and is presently serving a sentence of 42 months.

Thank goodness for the plain common sense and no-nonsense approach of Bob Hepburn, or of Rosie diManno, always unflinching, not only about the man himself, but about her gnathonic colleagues who, in her own words, continue to service him with astonishing acts of fellatio.

Black is neither a Canadian citizen nor a role model for Canadians. His latest self-gratulatory effusion is simply more evidence, at least in my opinion, of his unfitness for the honour bestowed upon him. But I confidently expect my views to be drowned out anon by the voices of pundits and other folk who will aver that the poor man has suffered enough. The citizens of the country he rejected tend to be nice that way. He doesn’t deserve them.

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