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…a diagnosis.

The killing of Trayvon Martin, a seventeen-year-old Black armed with a bag of Skittles, is presently gripping the Excited States. Lies about the past of the victim, including fake photos, have been posted by the usual suspects—creepy stalkers like Michelle Malkin, and her fellow political psychopaths Matt Drudge and Dan Riehl.

If Martin doesn’t fit the racist stereotypes, by God his corpse will be stuffed into them.

Regardless of his reconstructed background, however, there’s another narrative working in parallel: we are told that he was asking for it, by wearing the “wrong” clothes.

Sound familiar? (Readers will be delighted to learn that Justice Robert Dewar is once again hearing sexual assault cases.)

In both cases, victims were re-victimized, the system working as usual to uphold oppression. Only a public outcry would put a dent in that system, and not, at this point, a very deep one.

Perhaps Shaima Alawadi was “asking for it” too. The usual suspects have yet to pronounce on her case, but I can guarantee there are no surprises in store. Clothes have their complex semiology, but conservatives, as always, make it simple: a target drawn on the back of everyone they hate or despise.

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