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Harper - he's not here for us.

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And by “here”, I mean here in Parliament.

This is a man who embodies everything that he has claimed his opposition does: divisiveness, treachery and advocacy for special interests groups.

For example, the “Harper government” has provided extraordinary political access to business interests that conflict with Canadian citizens’ rights to unpolluted air, soil, and water.

The federal and Alberta governments struck up a secret, high-level committee in early 2010 to coordinate the promotion of the oilsands with Canada’s most powerful industry lobby group, a document obtained through an access to information request reveals.

The committee brought together the president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) with deputy ministers from Natural Resources, Environment Canada, Alberta Energy and Alberta Environment to synchronize their lobbying offensive in the face of mounting protest and looming international regulations targeting the Alberta crude.

The only aspect of himself that he has never camouflaged is the deep contempt he feels for our Parliamentary democratic process, and for ordinary folks who work hard and who support the Canada that Harper loathes.

A note of ironic humour is on display with Harper’s extreme paranoïa. This petty tyrant demands multi-million-dollar security wherever he goes, a consequence of his delusional belief that Canadians desire to inflict upon him the injuries and harm that his malevolent authority has fostered across the country.

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