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Harper buries the Bruce Carson report

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I can’t let the redoubtable Sixth Estate go it alone. Besides, I was asking the same questions myself back in January.

Three months ago we were told that the federal lobbying commissioner, Karen Shepherd, had “completed a potentially explosive report of her eight-month investigation into the activities of Bruce Carson, a former top adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

Since then, total silence from Shepherd’s office—and, perhaps not surprisingly, no media follow-up.

Folks, in plain language, this one stinks.

To cover himself against what at the time looked like a pretty robust pre-election scandal that reached right into the PMO, Harper asked for the investigation himself last April.

What is in Shepherd’s report? Are the RCMP probe and ethics commissioner Mary Dawson’s investigation, suspended while Shepherd’s work was going on, now completed as well?

What are the Cons trying to hide? Inquiring minds do want to know. Unfortunately, no one in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, as yet, seems remotely curious. Can you spare a moment, McMaher?

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