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Ontario: Unsure closes in on McGuinty

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(Ottawa, March 15) DawgNews has learned that two radical groups may be preparing to unseat the Ontario Liberals.

A new poll indicates that Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is now trailing the Unsure vote in Ontario with respect to both competence and trustworthiness.

But this is not necessarily good news for Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty. When the more extreme None-of-them vote is added, the current premier is behind in the first category by nearly 10%, and 6% in the second. Hudak’s numbers are even more dismal, trailing by approximately 16% and 15% respectively.

The poll has reportedly already galvanized Unsure representatives to open negotiations with None-of-them for a strategic voting alliance, or even a coalition, well in advance of the next Ontario election.

An ashen-faced Hudak said at a hastily-called press conference that he will be lobbying federal Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener Centre) to introduce an amendment to the Canada Elections Act to permit fetuses to vote. If successful, he expects heavy support. “I went to the wall for them last election,” he said. “Now it’s payback time.”

For her part, NDP leader Andrea Horwath was “encouraged” by the fact that she had now edged None-of-them, stating that “ordinary Ontarians obviously prefer more realistic options.”

Premier McGuinty was unavailable for comment.

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