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Ottawa police: the beat goes on (but at a cost)

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Another tale about the out-of-control Ottawa police: three of these uniformed hoods set upon a gathering of friends and neighbours roasting marshmallows, and put one of them in hospital after administering the trademark OPS beatdown.

They’d apparently had a noise complaint.

Needless to say, the cops charged him with assault and resisting arrest—the usual bum-coverage when this sort of thing goes down. Unluckily for them, the judge in the case had eyes and a brain, acquitted him on both counts, and gave the cops a withering blast from the bench.

The injured man sued, and apparently won a substantial settlement. I hope there are a lot more of those in the hopper, along with the one from this well-known victim. Civil action appears to be about the only way of making these thugs accountable.

Note that we are not told of any disciplinary action arising from this. No doubt Const. Mark Lystiuk, Const. Kevin Myers and Const. Candace Lohe are still on the streets, serving and protecting.

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