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Pro-bullying Xians (and a Sikh) invade Queen's Park

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Hatemongers defending the bullying of GLBT high school students assembled at Queen’s Park yesterday to tell the Ontario government and the world how creeped out they are by faggots.

In their ranks was close Stephen Harper advisor Charles McVety, who apparently never met a gay person he didn’t want to stone, and a lone Sikh—ponder the irony here:

Another speaker, who made a point of identifying himself as a Sikh, said, “Bill 13 will confuse children with lifestyles that are foreign or strange to us.”

The tenor of the bigotfest was summed up by this hater:

Dan McCash, a member of Campaign Life Coalition [What a surprise —ed.], said Catholics are being bullied into allowing “homosexual sex clubs.” McCash believes a GSA is the same as a gay bathhouse. “I’m going by my past observations of these clubs [Hmmm —ed.], which are places where people meet and have their sexual encounters when they want to have them and meet people of a like mind,” he said.

He’s referring, if you can believe it, to “Gay-Straight Alliances,” formed by high school students to combat anti-gay bullying. No doubt concepts such as “projection” and “reaction formation” may apply in this instance, but I’m not a psychiatrist.

But the ruling Liberals are planning to do the right thing, mandating the approval of Gay-Straight Alliances in Ontario schools, including in the historically anomalous “separate school system.”

The latter has already grudgingly permitted anti-bullying groups that dare not speak their name:

[R]especting-difference guidelines are the response by Catholic bishops to repeated demands from students all over Ontario that they be allowed to start GSAs, which remain prohibited in Catholic schools. The guidelines allow students to set up general anti-bullying groups — but under no circumstance can they be called GSAs, says Nancy Kirby, president of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association.

…A respecting-difference group means James can’t put up a rainbow flag, display information on queer issues, offer pamphlets on safe sex, hand out condoms or hold anti-homophobia events, which, under the guidelines, are all considered activism. “The respecting-difference guidelines prohibit such activities,” [Peterborough Catholic school student Trevor] James says.

The Liberals’ Bill 13 seems to allow the separate school system a little leeway here, referring to student groups “with the name gay-straight alliance or another name.” But that doesn’t mean that the current self-contradictory “respecting differences” guidelines will prevail. Even so, I hope a proposed NDP amendment to remove the “other name” language will be successful. (For a less optimistic view of the Liberal initiative, here is Chris Selley.)

In any case, kudos to the kids. Institutional hatred, meet a determined new generation. Bullying—like burning at the stake and the raping of altar-boys—will not stand in 2012 in the province of Ontario.

(Revised and updated.)

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