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Links at the end. No peeking. DawgPoints for commenters who are brave enough to post guesses without.

Who wrote these descriptions and about whom?*

He did every telephone call in a booming Rush Limbaugh voice as if he were on the radio—even when he was just ordering pizza or complaining to his podiatrist….His credo is attack, attack, attack…epic-hate-on approach….his style of attack is so obsessional that it sometimes seems like a manifestation of clinical mental illness.

…His rottweiler style demands that he reduce his enemies to detested caricatures: priggish censors, brain-dead bureaucrats, na├»ve tree-huggers….But when it comes to an intellectual endeavor that actually requires intellectual sophistication and nuance…[he] stumbles….

A possible clue: the author has been described as an “ever smug, snotty left-lib.”**



[H/t dBO b/c]

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