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The fulsome Dean Del Mastro

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What, Dean, ducks not yet in a row? “Vikileaks” won’t be dragged before HUAC the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics until next week?

“We are going to extend a courtesy that the Liberal Party would probably never extend to us,” [Del Mastro] said. “We would encourage them to be fulsome. We would encourage them to indicate exactly who was involved in this. We would like to know who ordered these actions to be undertaken.”

Were I the Liberals, I would decline the invitation to emulate the governing party:

ful┬Ěsome adj. 1. Offensively flattering or insincere. 2. Offensive to the taste or sensibilities.

No one cares about your bright shiny object, Dean. Roboscam has more legs at this point than a CPC centipede. You’ll have to do better than this third-rate sideshow if you want to distract us from the main event.

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