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Tony Gazebo lectures us on cost containment

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More classic Conservative hypocrisy, this time from the man who stole 50 million taxpayers’ dollars—already approved by Parliament for border security—to polish up his own riding.

“The take-home lesson,” said Clement, “is to ingrain this idea of efficient and constrained use of tax dollars on a day-to-day basis, at every level from the politician all the way down to the proverbial mail clerk, at every level of bureaucracy.”

Clement said he knows his government will face “resistance” from “public sector union bosses” who would be “working hand-in-hand with the NDP Opposition.”

“Their goal is simply to perpetuate the status quo,” he said. “Their only solutions seem to be: hire more, tax more, spend more.”

This from the fellow Stephen Harper trusts to run the Treasury Board, a bit like letting a mouthy kindergarten child manage the cookies. Tony’s right about “resistance,” however—but I suspect it will be somewhat more generalized than he pretends.

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