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Hassan Diab: the next stop on the railroad [updated]

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Unsurprisingly, Hassan Diab has been ordered deported by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. He’s the Carleton University sociology professor accused by a crusading French magistrate of involvement in a horrific synagogue bombing in Paris in 1980.

I’ve blogged about this on-going travesty of justice here and here and here and here and here.

Exculpatory evidence was not included in the Record of Case sent by the French to Canada. A French handwriting “analyst” was resoundingly refuted by internationally-renowned experts who, unlike her, have actually worked for years in the field. Even the judge who ordered him extradited—the bar for extradition is set ridiculously low in Ontario—stated that the case against him was likely too weak to convict him if he were tried here.

But in France Diab faces a kangaroo court where the defence is not even permitted to call expert witnesses. In another wrinkle, France does not allow its own nationals to be extradited to Canada.

Canadians with Arabic-sounding names don’t do so well under the Harper government. Over once again, therefore, to the courts—which still have a mind of their own.

UPDATE: (April 6) Yesterday’s news did not contain all of the details. The salient one is that France now, apparently, has no plans to try Diab at all—they only want to question him.

This seems dodgy to Diab’s lawyer:

[A] key piece in Diab’s appeal, says Bayne, will be the written admission from Paris that authorities have not yet finished investigating the synagogue bombing.

A Canadian citizen can only be extradited in these circumstances, claimed Bayne, if he or she is wanted for trial.

“They want him for the purpose of continuing an investigation to determine whether or not there will ever be a trial,” he said.

“This will be a great surprise to Justice Maranger who conducted more than two years of legal proceedings at the Ontario Superior Court on the premise that France had made a decision to put this man on trial.”

I’m no expert on extradition law, but it seems hinky to me as well. If the French authorities merely want to question Diab, why not send their interrogators to Canada?

Instead, a fellow citizen has been ordered booted out of his own country on the orders of Harper’s Minister of Justice. Too bad his name wasn’t Joe Smith.

[H/t commenter Marky Mark]

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