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NRO: the mask slips ever-further

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Hard on the heels of National Review writer and white nationalist John Derbyshire went National Review writer and white nationalist Robert Weissberg .

But that noisome stable will require, it seems, a Hercules to muck it out. Now it’s National Review writer and white nationalist John O’Sullivan—the third to be “discovered” in just a matter of a few days. No word as yet about his future with the magazine.

Looks as though my earlier views are being borne out. If this keeps up, there’ll be enough folks for a Klan rally in a month or so.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, who could have guessed that “Stand Your Ground” laws and the “Castle Doctrine” applied only to whites? The account at the link is frankly heart-rending. Southern cracker judges have decreed, even in open-and-shut cases of self-defence, that Blacks with guns are a threat to the natural order.

No doubt a passel of NRO writers and ex-writers would agree.


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