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Expulsion of the Syrian diplomats

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We weren’t the first to take this oh-so-bold step—sending the representatives of a savage, psychotic, child-executing regime packing.

But a question remains. Is the Canadian Security Intelligence Service continuing to cooperate with the Syrian Mukhabarat, as it has done so effectively in the past?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews very recently decided to close a loop, offering official state sanction for the use of information obtained under torture. Before that, the government always had the cover of plausible deniability while CSIS went about its dirty business in Syria and elsewhere.

Assurances that CSIS-Mukhabarat collegiality has ceased would be welcome at this point, but we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for the Minister of Torture and Surveillance to offer them. The more cynical and realistic among us might be forgiven, therefore, for regarding the closure of the Syrian Embassy as a risk-free and contentless public gesture.

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