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May Day: the people, united

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A little before noon today, the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s 2012 Triennial Convention delegation (in Ottawa for a week of deliberations and to elect a new National President and Vice-President) gathered to celebrate May Day in style. Flags, signs and effigies in hand, we marched to the Langevin Block where the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper used to be (he now performs his Satanic rituals in Centre Block). We were met there by a large delegation from Solidarity Against Austerity, a coalition of labour and social groups that sprang up after Harper’s March budget.

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PSAC National President John Gordon spoke from the heart about the government’s slash-and-burn attack on public services: thousands of PSAC members have been informed by letter that they may be laid off, thousand more letters are coming, and some members have already received their pink slips. We heard as well from representatives of the Solidarity coalition, including one from CLASSE. The speeches were delivered with the old fire that has been missing in recent years from labour demonstrations—and we were also treated to a simply wonderful rap performance of a re-written version of “Respect” by MC Larry Rousseau, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for the National Capital Region.

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During the rally we were informed that a delegation of striking Quebec students had been blocked from crossing the Portage Bridge into Ottawa to join us. A number of us weren’t having that, and we marched across the bridge into Quebec in solidarity, encountering no resistance. By the time we got there, the students had dispersed, so we rallied outside the Gatineau Palais de Justice and then headed back to Ottawa.

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Good to get out on the streets again. My feet are sore, but like the woman on one of the 1960s civil rights marches, my activist soul is rested.

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