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Toews 1, Cotler 0

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What a comic-opera farce Parliament has become.

The disgraceful Vic Toews, Canada’s Minister of Torture and Surveillance, has just been upheld by the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs. “Anonymous” has been called to account for YouTube videos that threatened to disclose, and then proceeded to disclose, personal information about Toews, when he didn’t back off from Bill C-30 (It’s still around, by the way, and it’s worse than ever.)

[I]n a report Wednesday, the committee said it is better for the RCMP to continue its investigation and they’d be willing to take a second look if more information comes to light.

“When the identity of the person or persons hidden behind the mask becomes known to this Committee, they will be called before the Committee to answer for their behaviour and, if appropriate, the Committee will recommend sanctions,” the report said.

The committee called the threats unprecedented in the medium that was used and raised concerns that it could happen again.

They noted that the freedom of the Internet is protected by the Charter right to freedom of expression, but the Charter offers no protection against bullying.

The irony of that last statement is breathtaking.

The Harper gang have made bullying their primary political tactic, smearing, targeting, harassing and threatening anyone, or any group, perceived to be in their way. Bullying is in their nature. Bullying is who they are and what they do. Bullying is the Conservative government’s very creed.

Juxtapose what happened to Toews (and, for the record, I agree with the Committee that the YouTube videos were a clear breach of his privileges as a Member of Parliament) with what Liberal MP Irwin Cotler endured in the recent past. His constituents were falsely informed in a concerted telephone campaign carried out by a Conservative-linked marketing firm that he was stepping down as Member of Parliament. He was then “shadowed” for a time by Conservative MP-wannabe Saulie Zajdel (until the light of public attention made Zajdel scuttle off).

But Cotler, whose relations with his constituents were blatantly interfered with, supposedly did not have his parliamentary privileges breached—or, at least, so ruled Harper’s lapdog Andrew Scheer, presently curled up in the Speaker’s chair.

No Committee hearings for him. No investigation. No RCMP involvement. Why, said the shameless Peter Van Loan, everything Cotler had to put up with was just an exercise in free speech.

The culprits are known. Nothing will be done.

Meanwhile, the RCMP is still trying to track down Anonymous.

Good luck with that. And to the real bullies:

We are legion. Expect us.

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