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Lori Douglas hearing--a sexist travesty

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The Anita-Hilling of Justice Lori Douglas continues.

Once I had questions, but this latest phase of an outrageous inquisition of a victim of cyber-rape has made things crystal clear. Like other victims of various forms of sexual assault, she’s being victimized twice. The prurient and the Pecksniffian are out in force.

Douglas has been dragged before a panel of the Canadian Judicial Council—five people in all, including three Chief Justices—to answer for her husband’s disgusting exploitation of her. But she’s the one at fault, until proven otherwise.

And we dare to criticize those Islamist barbarians for punishing rape victims.

After all, goes the far from concealed narrative, why would she pose for nude photos (within the privacy of her own home)? Obviously a slut. And then there’s that Big Bad BDSM theme. Woooo. Scary.

Obviously this affects her professional competence. Right?

And so the Scarlet Letter is being sewn as I speak. The small-time con man whom her even smaller-time husband once represented (and tried to pimp her out to) is given a hearing by the Judicial Council panel. Two other cranks were allowed to spew their hateful poison at length in front of the media before being refused standing.

Not her competence as a judge, not her victimization, but her sex life (before she was ever appointed, by the way), is now on full display. And it is on that private life, which she openly talked about when she was under consideration for a judgeship, that she herself is now being judged.

Have women advanced to the rank of first-class citizens? This disgraceful spectacle proves the very opposite. It targets a competent judge simply for being a woman with a healthy zest for consensual sex. Anyone seriously think a man in a similar position would have received more than a nudge in the ribs, a few knowing comments (“You dog!”) and a round of beers?

Good grief. I agree with Christie Blatchford.

[NOTE: Reader Jason points out that Douglas apparently remains married to the fellow who put her career in jeopardy and exposed her to public humiliation. Jack King, therefore, is not an “ex.” Corrections to text made accordingly.]

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