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Elections Canada neutered?

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Decide for yourselves:

A former officer with the Judge Advocate General’s office, [Yves] Côté was appointed as ombudsman for Canadian Forces in 2005. When he left that post, Esprit de Corps magazine wrote that Côté “made it clear that he was not going to take the high-profile, often-adversarial towards the chain-of-command stance of his predecessor,” André Marin.

On Thursday, Esprit de Corps publisher Scott Taylor described Côté’s time at DND as disappointing.

“Unfortunately he failed to maintain the same sort of profile for the office which Marin had laboriously built as the inaugural incumbent,” said Taylor. “While it is true that Marin had raised the bar quite high, Coté passed well below it during his tenure.”

In December 2007, halfway through Côté’s mandate as ombudsman, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed him associate minister of Justice, where he would have worked closely with federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

Meet your new Commissioner of Canada Elections, responsible for the roboscam investigation. The fix, as they say, appears to be in.

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