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Jason Kenney takes the prize

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Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is receiving an award today.

The man whose stance on Roma refugees has always been “none is too many”; who has stripped funds from an Arab-Canadian organization providing language training to new immigrants; who has ignored the courts to keep Tamil refugees locked up; who has imposed punitive restrictions on health care for refugees that led to massive protests by medical professionals on June 18—is being feted, if you can believe it, for his alleged support of “diversity.”

But don’t choke on your coffee just yet.

He’s receiving it from the Jewish National Fund.

For those who may not be aware, the JNF owns 13.1% of the land in Israel. In an obscene parody of the old anti-Semitic “gentlemen’s agreements” that kept Jews out of various residential areas in the US several decades ago, the JNF sells land only to Jews. Arab citizens of Israel need not apply.

Interlocked with the Israel Land Administration, the latter now busy cleansing Bedouins from their ancestral lands to make way for Jewish-only settlements, the JNA is surely the very antithesis of a diversity-promoting organization.

Yet here we are, and you can’t make this stuff up: the intolerant are now giving each other awards for tolerance. No doubt we’ll soon see Enbridge honouring Ezra Levant for his environmental sensitivity. Welcome to the looking-glass world that is Harperia.

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