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Journamalism: Michael Den Tandt

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Another journo who won’t let homework get in the way of a cranky column.

Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt cites Ross McKitrick as a “credible scientist” who is in neither “ideological camp” in the global warming (so-called) debate. For those who have been following, that’s a bit like calling “Dr.” Charles McVety a detached observer of homosexuality.

Setting aside the bizarre notion that thousands of “credible scientists” and their academies are in an “ideological camp,” may we take a slightly closer look at denialist crusader Ross McKitrick?

He’s not a climatologist. He’s an economist. And (speaking of the “blind faith” that Den Tandt derides) he’s also a Christian fundamentalist who signed the Cornwall Alliance’s “Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming.”

What is the Cornwall Alliance? Check it out.

Meanwhile, smarter folks in the denialist camp are now changing their minds. Among them is Richard Muller, who stayed true to his scientific conscience in spite of being funded by one of the billionaire Koch brothers—the folks who bankroll the astroturf “Tea Party,” contributed generously to our own Fraser Institute, and recently helped to purchase Scott Walker’s narrow triumph in Wisconsin.

Money can’t buy the observations that scientists make. Nor are those observations affected by the unresearched scribblings of sloppy journalists—who do, however, contribute their measure of public harm by irresponsibly fuelling the madness of the real ideologues.

UPDATE: Den Tandt challenged me on Twitter. I made a couple of key points (e.g.)—and he blocked me! Res ipsa loquitur.

UPPERDATE: Unblocked. Let the 140-character discussion continue!

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