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This is not the time to be timorous.

I salute your generation of hundreds of amendments to the government’s kitchen-sink ConAgendaBill C-38. But why stop there?

If the government is using procedure to jam through countless bits and pieces of Conservative foulness, shutting down debate and using House committees as pipelines, then use it back.

Thousands—no, tens of thousands—of amendments should be introduced. You need to halt this government in its politically corrupt tracks, not simply make a show of opposing it and then glumly accept the passage of C-38 into law.

We have enough fakery going on in government without fake opposition as well. Don’t slow the government down. Don’t obstruct it. Stop it.

UPDATE: With considerable embarrassment, I have to admit that I was unaware of a 2001 change in Parliamentary rules that permits the Speaker, in this case Conservative lapdog Andrew Scheer, to rule on the admissibility of amendments. Worse, it was the precursor to the Conservative Party (the Reform Party of Canada) who came up with the amendment-filibuster idea in the first place.

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