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Speech Warrior™ hypocrisy--a postscript

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The same folks upset at the moment about a certain defamation lawsuit threatened to sue me just last year. When a prominent on-air Speech Warrior™ formally threatened legal action because I made a minor technical error—which I promptly corrected, because grown-ups do that—they cheered him on.

The rest of the time they witter on about SLAPPs, freedom of expression and how terrible it is that litigation is chilling the blogosphere.

These people promote hypocrisy to an art-form. I’m absolutely serious: their work should appear, prominently displayed, in a museum of rhetoric someday. They are utterly unabashed and bald-faced about the one-sidedness of their principles.

But speaking of sides, and choosing them, here is some refreshing common sense from a site I recently de-listed. I may have to re-think that move.

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