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Summary execution

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We laugh at accounts of animals being put on trial in mediaeval times. But I’m starting to re-think that notion.

Environment Minister Terry Lake says the bruin was an uncommon cinnamon colour and matched the description of a bear seen guarding a cache that contained the human remains.

Lake says the creature was trapped Friday and was put down over the weekend because bears remember food sources and this one had clearly lost its fear of humans.

(Of dead humans, anyway.)

He says a necropsy will be conducted to ensure the bear was the animal that pulled the body of 54-year-old Rory Wagner from his car, after Wagner died while parked on the remote southern B.C. logging road. [emphasis added]

Was there any reason to “euthanize” (kill) the bear that might have eaten part of an already-deceased murderer’s body and buried the rest? Any purpose served, other than pandering to fear?

At least in the mediaeval period, the bear would have had an advocate. No blind supporter of animal rights, I can see nevertheless some obvious lines of defence.

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